How to get alot of likes on instagram

December 24, 2014

How to get instagram likes without hashtags – The fast way !

How to get alot of likes on instagram

I would like to tell you that you must never forget that as in real life, Instagram works according to the principle of “Give and take”. This brings me to the first tip

You follow more accounts that you like and honestly meant likes her spread, the more people are aware of your account and give one or other “like” you back. If you like your account, also back follow these people. More people “Like” mark with one of your image, the more are your Instagram account attention desperately, if you “only” likes someone returns and not because all the heart that gets you, follows you, very much value that didn’t? -How’s that? Quite simply: all subscribers can see the posts “Subscribed to”, which like all those you follow, and so accounts become aware, that may not yet know they.

The probably most important is that your Instagram account offers a certain added value. You should consider from the outset, which target group you actually want to talk to. Fashion lovers? Fitness junkies? Foodistas? -What it is, it should be recognized at first glance what world you would delve into, if you follow this account. With added value, I also think that his Followergemeinschaft communicates, responding to questions but gives tips and tricks. What I find as stupid is, if you ask somebody, what apps you use, what lipstick you used, or what – and you simply not respond because it fears that it will be made. If you don’t know how to get instagram likes fast you should buy them online from a trusted website.

Sorry for this idiom, but that bullshit is easy. As I have written already said if you want to take, you should be also. -Do you want more followers? Then give back for that too! Only in this way, you can stay in memory and form a great community.

I personally find very important the overall appearance of the feed. This does not speak to me, I also do not click through the images and am also quickly back away from the page. And I’m certainly not the only one that does so, right? :-) I.e. If possible all images shared with his followers, should harmonize with each other also in the feed. I for example always ensure that the images as well as possible colours together harmonize.

Pictures of wonder post causes in regular intervals. You are wondering why some fashion bloggers have thousands, or perhaps millions of followers? The recipe: post pictures on a regular basis. At best, you published a picture of all 3-5 hours. But please not any, loses because with any “wrong” picture that you post, your followers. -Remember always the added value and the quality of your images! :-) If you have no time for this, then it belasst better one, before you zuspammt your followers with 5 unqualitativen images.

Mark images with the Instagram account of labels and use appropriate Hashtag. -Also helps your account more attention gain. If Aldo shoes, a pair of glasses from LeSpecs or a necklace from accessorize is visible on your screen, you pick out their Instagram account and tagged the article for. Thus, not just random people become aware if they specifically looking for images with articles of this brand, but also directly to the label. If the image you like, re-post it with a bit of luck and you highlight too. = New followers! :-)

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